• After sketching the form, the timber is carefully chosen and turned to my design. The form is the first step in establishing the unique personality of the doll.  All timbers used are allowed to dry properly to insure the wood is stabilized, to prevent movement and cracking.
  • The design details of the doll are sketched on paper before being applied to the wood. Further study of the shape before beginning the process is key.
  • The doll’s face and garments now start to take shape with pyrography work, carving and texturing. The facial features are vital to the character of the doll. This is one of the most difficult elements of the process.

This process can take from three days up to several weeks depending on size, techniques and the amount of embellishments applied. The designs may appear to be random but they are planned and thoughtfully placed. The color as well as design and textures must balance and work in harmony. You will notice the attention to fine detail in my work as you hold it close. As my process is quite time consuming, I am only able to create a limited number of Amazing Dolls each year.

My dolls are lovingly inspired by Japanese Kokeshi. They are not created as toys, rather works of art. I hope my designs bring happiness, beauty and pleasure.

  • The next step is the addition of color using numerous materials and techniques to continue with the creation of the doll’s unique personality and style. I only use archival pigments to ensure the integrity of the colors. The exposed areas of wood can mellow over the years but the pigments will stay the same.
  •  At this stage the doll’s character starts to emerge and her name is revealed to me.
  • Once the colors are set, the doll receives her final protective coating and is polished and ready for her accessories.

The Process

Each Amazing Doll is individually crafted from start to finish to be one of a kind.

  • The accessories may include 23kt gold leaf, silver leaf, pearls, Swarovski crystals and precious and semi-precious beads and stones. The hair jewelry, which often adorns the girls, is inspired by traditional Japanese Kanzashi hair ornaments. Placement of the hair pins requires thoughtful attention.
  • The dolls are signed and numbered.
  • Each doll is unique unto itself and no two will ever be the same.