Collaborative Work  

 One of the joys in my life is creating with various talented artisans. I proudly offer these rare collaborative pieces for sale. Please see below for details and feel free to contact me for further information and prices.

"Just Between Us" ~ Binh Pho (USA) -SOLD

Posthumous Collaborative Piece benefiting The Beatice Wood Centre For The Arts.

7.5 inches

Piecing; Pyrography; Texture; Acrylics; Ink.

"Yin And Yang" ~ Hans Weissflog (Germany)

7.5 inches x 3.5 inches

Pear, 23kt Gold Leaf, Pyrography, Acrylic

"Imperial Box" ~ Richard Raffan (Australia)

2.5 inches

Clarat Ash; Pyrography; Acrylic; Ink.

"Blissful" ~ Eric Loftstrom (USA) -SOLD

5 inches x 3 inches

Pear; Pyrography; Acrylic.

"The Test Of Time" ~ Hubert Landri (France)

4 inches x 4.5 inches

Holly; 23kt Gold Leaf; Gold Chain; Pearls; Iron Oxide; Pyrography; Acrylic; Ink.

"Tea In Bloom" ~ Laurent Niclot (France)

5.5 inches

Holly; 23kt Gold leaf; Pyrography; Texture; Acrylic; Ink.

Untitled Box ~ Jakob Weissflog (Germany)

5 Inches

Ebony; Pear; Iron Oxide; Pyrography; Acrylic; Ink.

Untitled Box ~ Richard Raffan (Australia)
3.5 inches
Pear; Pyrography; Acrylic; Ink.